MY GOAL: I want every single woman to feel beautiful no matter what. Every shape and size should be celebrated. The power that a photograph has is often overlooked and can really change lives. There is nothing as amazing as seeing a woman who has been self conscious her entire life get a boudoir shoot and turn into the best version of themselves. There aren't many jobs where you can witness someone changing right in from of your eyes! I have the best job!

MY STYLE: I am more of a classic boudoir photographer and I take a minimalist approach. I don't have a lot of bells and whistles in the studio and I think you can feel just as sexy in an oversize t-shirt, or your man's white dress shirt as you can in a corset with heels on. Yes I do have a few "props" but I don't want the photo distracting. I want to focus on you.

classic boudoir by Kim Chapman Photography in Maine
Southern Maine boudoir photographer in studio
Maine Boudoir photographer
Boudoir photo capture near the studio window!
Maine Boudoir Photographer Kim Chapman