Thank you for visiting my portrait site!! Oh the things I want to tell you. Where should I begin? I guess I've come full circle. I started out photographing children in the late 90's and quickly switched gears and started photographing weddings. It's been weddings ever since until last year when Covid hit. Because I knew I was going to lose my entire wedding season of income, I decided to take a chance and fulfill my dream of opening a studio. I LOVE it. Who knew? I've come to realize that once you've photographed weddings, you can photograph any genre. With portraits in my studio, I don't have to rush and get portraits in before the salads come out, I'm only in one place, I have control over the light and I could go on. But the biggest reason why I LOVE doing portraits is the transformation I see with my clients. Whether you are getting professional make-up and hair done or not, when you sit in front of my camera, I see my clients come alive. It's an empowering experience. I see your beauty, I can capture it. I. LOVE. MY. JOB.